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Neck and Back Pain

Disease of the spine can be devastating. Symptoms can range from minor irritation to debilitating pain and disability. Unfortunately, the cause of spinal pain is often very complex and can be due to a combination of factors including muscle pain, nerve root pain (radiculopathy), and joint inflammatory pain. More often than not, it is a combination of all of the above.

The correct treatment of spinal pain requires identifying the problem and targeting the cause with appropriate therapy that will not simply mask the discomfort but rather will treat the source of the pain. Often a multimodal approach is necessary including medication, physical therapy, and occasionally even interventional treatment such as injection therapy to pinpoint relief.

A Neurologist's extensive training in neuroanatomy and physiology allows accurate identification of the source of the pain so that proper treatment can be initiated. Too often, patients suffer needlessly due to misdiagnosis and treatment with medications that are not specific for their cause of discomfort. Or worse, patients undergo surgery without properly identifying the problem and have not only their original pain but the emotional and physical stress of a failed procedure.

Spinal pain can be life-changing. Those who suffer with neck and back pain are constantly reminded of their problem just with performing their activities of daily living. But the situation does not have to be hopeless. At Northlake Neurological Institute, our physicians have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose the cause, direct the treatment, and help their patients back to the life that's waiting for them.

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