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Back and Neck Surgery

Surgery should always be a last option.  It should only be considered when more conservative measures have failed.  Surgery is, by its nature, traumatic to the body and associated with multiple potential complications.  With that being said, when performed for the right reasons, in the right context, and in the right hands, spine surgery can have a very high success rate. 

Unfortunately, what we see all too commonly are patients who were operated on inappropriately with no improvement, or actual worsening, of their symptoms.  This occurs for various reasons, but most commonly because patients start and end their search for pain relief at the surgeon’s office.  

When faced with neck or back problems, people often feel going straight to a “specialist” is the best option.  They may have a family member who saw a spine surgeon or may be aware of a surgeon through word of mouth and schedule an appointment with that doctor.  Or, their family doctor may refer them straight to a surgeon.  Statistically speaking, your chances of getting inappropriate surgery are much higher if you visit a surgeon first. 

Tremendous strides have been made in the treatment of neck and back pain.  Unfortunately, many physicians are stuck in the past and clinging to older, traditional approaches.  Here at Northlake Neurological Institute we have 8 neurologists with a wealth of experience in managing spine pathology.  Our goal is to cure your condition without surgery.  We typically start with conservative approaches moving to more aggressive strategies as dictated by the patient’s progress. 

There are many new technologies available that have allow us to avoid surgery in most cases.  However, if surgery is warranted, we put you in the hands of a surgeon under highly targeted conditions, increasing the chances of a better outcome.  Every case is different and will require a different surgical approach.  Each surgeon has a particular talent or expertise that may or may not be beneficial to you.  The surgeons that we use specialize in minimally invasive surgery to minimize the trauma to the body and potential complications. 

Additionally, we have experience with every spine surgeon in St. Tammany and the surrounding parishes.  We know which surgeons have the best outcomes and which surgeons have the highest complication rates.   We have formed an association with the spine surgeons with the best outcomes.  Our associated surgeons see our patients here in our office instead of requiring the patient to travel in order to receive the best surgical treatment. 

If you are dealing with neck or back pain and want to know your best option, contact us today for an appointment and get started in the right place.

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